These words of Sri Nisargadatta are deep, simple, yet deep.

If we’re all humans on this beautiful planet together it begs the question “what do we all have in common?”

This is typically not the question we ask when faced with things that don’t conform to our view and experience if life…unless that is, you are curious and open-minded, with an open-heart. Each of us has this seed within us. By practicing deep listening – you know, the kind I’ve mentioned in previous posts – and cultivating not only kindness and compassion, we can add empathy to our practices to nurture this seed of infinite wisdom. True empathy leaves room for curiosity, acceptance, belonging, community and innovation.

Having a broad view, open mind and open heart makes each of us wiser, kinder, more willing to help others…and when we connect with others on a deeper level we can understand at the core of us all no matter what sex, shape, size, or color, we are all in this human experience together…one big tribe of humans, sharing one ultimate reality…together… 💖enjoy the journey

Quote: Sri Nisargadatta