Just finished a 3-day Restorative yoga teacher training with this amazing, joyful, wise, powerful and authentic woman, Jillian Pransky. As soon as I read her book, Deep Listening, I knew I wanted to experience her offering and life purpose…it’s like I found my tribe again. Neuroscience, anatomy, methodology, and landing on this magnificent earth…fully, in our wholeness, opening our hearts, allowing ourselves to feel deeply, breathing into the expansive boundless fields of energy that each of us are is…acknowledging our pain, our shame, our obstacles, and courageously moving through it all together in a room of souls connected by devotion to healing ourselves so we may in turn become an offering of support for our brothers and sisters on this beautiful planet who also wish to step into their fullness of being …when we heal ourselves we silently give support to others to heal… to take the journey through the dark and light…and to shine from deep within, anchored in our devotion to love, evolution, being healers and demonstrating vulnerable courage…each one of us holds this potential…through the practice of Restorative Yoga taught in this profound, scientific AND soulful way gives each teacher the honor to share and silently invite students to give themselves permission to soften into the depths of healing, of nurturing, of loving, of grace breath-by-sweet-breath… the student teaches the teacher, the teacher becomes the student…share, love and radiate your gift of light into the world …breath…by…breath πŸ’«πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸenjoy the journey πŸ’–