Listen deeply. Listen with your ears…but most of all listen with your heart, listen to the silence between the words, FEEL the words being spoken by others, by yourself.

Words in and of themselves are powerful and yet also somewhat limited in the comparison to the vast expansiveness of all our senses and their ability to interpret fields of energy…after all words carry not only a dictionary meaning, they are sounds that carry a vibration, think: the power of a Sanskrit mantra. If you’ve never sat in stillness and listened to one, give it a go and notice how you feel…get out of your head and into feeeeeling…grounded, centered, expansive.

Notice how you feel after you’ve spoken with someone, do you feel light? Heavy? Happy? Bummed?

Pay attention to this and learn to navigate interactions with others with this awareness.

We can bring this same awareness to our own inner chatter… as we learn to have compassion for those that speak through distorted layers of perception, projected judgement, or plain lack of awareness, we can also learn to apply that compassion to ourselves.

We all have the opportunity to listen deeply at any given moment…if we choose to. Just as we can become aware of someone’s inner landscape by the words they speak, what they choose to talk about, and how they talk about it, we can practice this with ourselves. We can’t change others, but we can consciously work to direct our own thoughts, words and actions.

Because self-love and self-awareness does matter 💖 enjoy the journey…

Quote: Brene Brown