Your future self is waiting for you! It’s your “what if I…”, “when I…” and “one day I’ll…”  all getting together and saying in unison “now!”. When I’m teaching I like to remind my students (and myself!) that the present moment is the only place life is happening, the rest takes place inside our mind projecting into the future or delving into the past…it’s just what we humans do.
We also have the awesome power to make a conscious choice to create powerful thoughts and beliefs that support our big ‘why‘ for all that we do, to support how we want to be in the world, who we want to be in the world, and how we wish to contribute to the greater good.
Deliberate intentions planted beneath the ever-flowing stream of thoughts is the power of meditation and deeeeep relaxation. Your best ‘future you’ is already within. Breath by breath, with will-determination and focus, know your best you is here…now ?enjoy the journey!