I’ve worked in a ‘creative’ field as a graphic designer for a loooong time. And, my other passion, the one I can do until the day I drop, is teaching deep relaxation, meditation and Intro to yoga. The thing is they are both intertwined, one informing the other.

Having developed a keen eye for detail I see that in the bodies of students when I teach alignment, or when I’m watching to see how someone is breathing. There’s a lot of us out there holding our breath, or only breathing into our upper chest. There. Did you catch it? Did you pause for a moment to see how deeply you are breathing?

Just bringing awareness to the breath is an invitation to deepen it. With a few more deep breaths we can relax a little, maybe soften our shoulders down from our ears…sit up a little taller…relaaaax our forehead…our jaw…our body…You see creativity can’t land in a tense, stressed out body and mind. Creativity loves to visit when we’re in the moment and relaxed. Creativity isn’t just art, or dance or music, it’s about letting existence flow through you and express.

We’ve all experienced some flash of creative problem-solving, and a lot of the time it may not happen on-demand, it may spontaneously land when you’re doing something else, right? True creativity is being relaxed enough to allow. Allow gratitude…allow calm…allow yourself to have FUN!

Focus on the things that make your life better. Acknowledge challenges, obstacles and difficulties and really look at them. Change what you can and let go of what you can’t. Focusing on the negative really takes in a spiral down and it takes some work to get out of that funk…so along with the funk, look at something that DOES give you joy, focus on that even for 10 seconds, then return to the land of funk. Keep reminding yourself to do that and the contrast alone can be enough to inspire you to choose focusing on the things that make your life better…because true creativity IS intelligence having fun ?…enjoy the journey

Quote: Albert Einstein