Because that’s what we’re here to learn. To stand in our truth and to honor our selves. To honor our joy and light and unique gift of wisdom and creativity. We ALL have this…within us…right now, with this very breath you are taking as you read this.

How each of us expresses it will be different, but you’ll know you’re getting close when you feel joyfully calm and you are somehow adding calm, joy, light, love, encouragement and/or inspiration to others. We are all interconnected and interdependent.

Next time you eat a meal out just think of ALL that led to that very moment, and it began with nature, THE nature, and our nature…there is no separation. Think about it. Our forever forgiving and beyond unconditionally loving Mother Earth is always producing, no matter how much ignorance humans display in their treat meant of her, she gives, gives, gives. Seriously. Seeds were gathered, planted, nurtured, grown, harvested, transported, purchased, prepared and we get the joy and privilege of eating this fabulous meal…and we don’t even have to do the dishes afterwards, how lucky are we!

The whole point is we are each here to share our innate, unique gift which WILL contribute to our own life, our family and friends and our city, country and ultimately the world, in a harmonious, positive, healthy way.

So have courage, trust the whispers of your heart, live your truth, be gracefully bold…and when it is based in the core of your being,

which is love, not only will you feel awesome, chances are those around you will be inspired and encouraged to the same. NOT living your joy, not only feels uncomfortable, it’s not good for your health, vitality, nor your longevity.

Dive deep and bring your unique, awesome, fabulous gift up to the surface…relax deeply and meditate ? enjoy the journey..