Kind Words

Kind Words


“Jenny Kay is an amazing yoga teacher. Her clear understanding of human anatomy and her many years of serious yoga practice provide a strong foundation to guide her students in experiencing yoga, not just as a workout, but as a holistic practice to build strength, alignment, balance, and use of breath to promote life-long health and well-being.

She is also a warm, kind, loving presence, welcoming her students just as they are, and gently encouraging us to deepen our practice.”

Martha M.

Jenny’s virtual Yoga Nidra class couldn’t have come into my life during a better time. Not only was I in the grips of COVID-19’s uncertainty, isolation, and fear, but I also suddenly and tragically lost my mom, and I’ve been unable to celebrate her life with family due to travel restrictions from the virus. I’d been riddled with anxiety, reeling from grief, and experiencing insomnia for the first time in my life.

Jenny’s classes help me get back into my body and back into the present, where I can relax and hit the ‘reset’ button on my life. Everything feels just a bit more manageable after each session, and I usually sleep like a rock afterward. As someone who’s previously felt daunted by just 5 minutes of silent meditation on my own, I can’t believe how quickly Jenny’s 60 minute class goes by – she truly has a gift for leading everyone into deep meditation. Thank you, Jenny, for bringing such a peaceful and nourishing routine to my life each week!

Marty W.

Freelance Writer

I am truly enjoying your Yoga Nidra class. I am a married mother of 3 young kids (5, 8, 13) and have a lot of built up stress. I have struggled with anxiety and postpartum depression. [Through Yoga Nidra] I am learning to relax and calm my body and mind.


High School Teacher

I was so relaxed, I am now hooked! Jenny does such an amazing job as a facilitator [of Yoga Nidra] and holding space filled with love, joy and compassion for all her students. These classes came at a very good time for me. I am so grateful. Thank you so much Jenny!



I had a deep and relaxing journey with Jenny. I usually don’t connect well with guided meditations, but the one Jenny guided me through was different. It truly helped me to deeply relax, feel calm and at ease. She also coached me before and after the inward journey which definitely helped me to integrate the insights and understand the learnings even better. If and when you are having stress, anxiety or any other form of self management issues I can highly recommend Jenny’s professional help!

Tuomo Vauhkonen

High Achiever’s Lifestyle Coach & Trainer 

My family and I never expect to find a yoga instructor we love as much as Jenny, working with her has been transformative for us. She is so generous in sharing her deep knowledge and practice with others, and even in large group classes always finds ways to give personal attention and direction to those who need it.

Sean Dillingham

Product Design Director

Jenny is a phenomenal teacher. I have been taking her Restorative Yoga class for some time now. She is enthusiastic and always welcoming to all. Her class leaves me with a sense of calm and clarity to take on a new week… She always goes above and beyond to provide tips and ideas that encourage students to take what they learn in the studio into their daily lives.

Joanna Cole

Director of Communications, Marketing & Public Relations

Jenny’s Restorative Yoga class is deeply relaxing and such a wonderful way to end a weekend… It’s wonderful how Jenny loves to share all she has learned about working with energy, meditation, relaxation and yoga with her students. And, I highly recommend her Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) sessions if you want deep relaxation, whether you are into yoga or not.

BETH Steckler

Deputy for Homeless Advocacy & Social Services

I enthusiastically recommend Jenny Kay as a best in class yoga instructor. Jenny helped me tremendously with understanding concepts of relaxation, yoga, breathing and how I can adapt my routines…She is very helpful, has a stellar sense of caring for her clients and a wonderful sense of humor to boot.

William Seguritan

Information Technology Director /IT Manager

Jenny’s Sunday evening Yoga Nidra class is the perfect way to wind down at the end of the weekend!! Jenny facilitates deep relaxation and encourages students to set an intention for their practice. I always feel refreshed and calm after the session, which helps me transition into the next stage of my day, whether that is working or sleeping! I am so grateful to know such a skilled and experienced meditation teacher!

Caroline Mooser

Spanish Teacher, Tour Guide

I like how Jenny explains the purpose and value of each of the poses. She is very knowledgeable about the practice of Restorative Yoga and very kind and encouraging to all. I am a relative newcomer to yoga and a little older than the others, so I was unsure of myself, but she was very welcoming and helpful. I know that these classes have reduced my anxiety and have taught me how to take good care of my body, mind, and spirit. I feel more at ease and confident as I face the challenges of the week, thanks to Jenny’s classes.

Sonja Lovelace

USC English Professor

I have studied [Restorative Yoga] under Jenny Kay for the last 2 years and am delighted I am still learning new tools and methods from her. Jenny has taught me relaxation techniques that I (or anyone) can use repeatedly in real world situations, like commuting on the train or having to sit in a less-than-ideal cubicle situation. She is astute at individualizing her instructions for diverse people within her class, on the spot…she is also cognizant of the traditional spiritual teachings that lend themselves to optimal spiritual, mental and physical wellness. That is something I really appreciate about her. I look forward to many more years of working with her!

C. Avery


Wow, I still haven’t been able to stop thinking about how beautiful your workshop (Intro To Yoga) was! I felt so present within myself and I have a real understanding of the first step into what is yoga! You’re truly phenomenal!!

Jessica Orona


Jenny is a very thoughtful and supportive Restorative Yoga guide and teacher. In her classes, she provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which I always feel safe to go deeply into restorative poses to release both physical and deep emotional tension. After Jenny’s classes, I always feel nurtured, a sense of deep calm and a greater sense of clarity.

Ray Lee


I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Jenny’s Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) classes, and she truly has a gift for this work. Her classes took me to a place of complete relaxation, on every level. They are like a meditation for the mind, body and soul. All of the stress I brought with me melted away. Her voice was like a buoy – gently bringing me back from my meditative state. Afterwards, I felt completely restored. For anyone who has a stressful job like I do, or for anyone who simply would like to experience a state of deep relaxation, I would highly recommend Jenny’s Yoga Nidra class.


Independent Writing and Editing Professional

Jenny taught a series of meditation classes to my High School Life Skills students. She has a gift when it comes to teaching teenagers in a classroom setting, she’s very welcoming and creates a warm, friendly atmosphere. It is evident that she is very knowledgeable and has a wide breadth of experience…She can quickly adapt her teachings to meet the needs of specific students…my students report feeling calmer and more relaxed…they feel empowered to go forward with the rest of their day with more clarity and confidence. The students are already developing and incorporating skills and knowledge into their daily lives that will serve them throughout their educational and career lives, as well as in their various interpersonal relationships.

Michele RUSSO

High School Teacher – Life Skills, Science

I’m fairly new to yoga, less than a year, and Jenny is one of the many instructors at my local yoga studio. About 5-6 months into my practice I was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort in my hip joints, I mean a lot, and I was considering giving up yoga because I was pretty sure it was the reason for pain and discomfort. At this point I was really disappointed because I had come to cherish my practice and the growth that came with it.

After my second class my with Jenny (Level 1 Yoga) it was obvious this lady had passion and a connection with yoga and herself that I wish to attain one day, anyways I approached her after class and told her about my problems. She gave me a slight adjustment and minimal correction in my forward-folds and it changed everything. A week or so later the pain was gone and I was back at my practice. If it wasn’t for Jenny my practice would have likely stopped, and my journey to self awareness and growth would have stopped too.  For this I am truly grateful.

Nate Amick

Internal Auditor

I loved Jenny’s relaxation class! I took the Sunday night class and it was probably the most peaceful time I’ve had in awhile. It helped me relax and destress completely. It also helped me sleep better at night which is a big problem for me. I can’t wait to take it again. Jenny is an amazing teacher. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me and your great class.

Jillian H.

Creative Director

I have had the great opportunity to attend several of Jenny’s meditation classes. With a calm and relaxing teaching method, Jenny guided my meditation to a deep and profound place that I had never experienced before. Not only am I grateful to have the chance to work with her, I am grateful that she offered her knowledge and expertise through her classes. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their meditation practice to a deeper level.

Seth Harris


We would like say a big thank you to Jenny for her exceptional yoga class at our retreat. We felt that many of the retreat participants enjoyed her company as well as her class. We highly recommend her for any position as a yoga instructor, and we found her skills to be very versatile. She was exceptionally charismatic, and many people enjoyed her company. It was a true blessing having her conduct the yoga for our retreat.

Indeara & Jon Eastman

Executive business coaches

I had the privilege of experiencing guided meditation with Jenny. I experienced an overwhelming flow of what she explained as activated dormant energy. It was unlike anything I had ever felt and had a profound effect on strength and clarity for the days that followed. I would highly recommend Jenny to assist one in reaching their yoga and meditation goals. I’m sure I share the opinion that she was meant to do this type of work as a catalyst for bringing the energy of awareness to those who seek to develop it from within.

Steve Meraz

Graphic Designer

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help and guidance over the past few months. Little did I know on that first visit to your class, that you would be such an influence on my life…your teachings have changed how I live my life on a day-to-day basis…You have helped open my mind up to things I didn’t know…I now look at [situations] and react in a different way to how I have in the past – invaluable…you have been a great influence on me and opened my eyes to so many things…

Leslie Harris

Business Owner

I was tired, hadn’t slept well in weeks and often got up feeling more drained than when I went to bed. To be honest, I didn’t have a ton of hope that I’d leave Jenny’s class feeling any better, but I did! I’ve taken yoga classes on and off for years but this was different, I felt different, better, and relaxed for the first time in months. I don’t think I can overstate the importance of the direction that Jenny gave me. I use her techniques every single day and night of my life and probably always will. I recommend Jenny to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity. She helped me find my way and I had fun doing it.

Joe Menza

Entrepreneur, Actor

Jenny is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. She was able to teach me yoga in a way that allowed me to tap into my inner wisdom and guidance that took me to a level of deep peace and relaxation. I feel completely rejuvenated after her classes at a very deep level. I am really grateful for the joyful and vital spirit Jenny always brings to yoga practice and to life.

Anne Troutman

Artist, former Professor of Architecture at Southern California Institute of Architecture

Jenny is a true master of yogic expertise…Her insight and meticulous understanding of yoga make the practice deeply unique. Jenny is highly skilled in facilitating the asanas with detailed instruction and continuous feedback. This provides a very deep experience for novices, and pushes intermediate practitioners to new skill levels. Her unique style is easy to follow, and her friendly personality and caring attitude just makes yoga happen effortlessly!

Debbie C

Retired School Principal

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