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Core Principles

Awareness & Inspiration

There are many things in life you can’t control, but you can control yourself.

SELF-MASTERY IS ROOTED in self-awareness of your mind, body, actions. It’s having the skill to consciously choose how to respond to people and events, in ways that support your values and goals.

Reacting with automatic, unconscious behaviors and actions can unknowingly work against your goals, your relationships, your job and adversely effect your mental and physical well-being. Learning to recognize when you’re feeling tense and stressed out is the first step to creating positive habits that support a happier, healthier life.

Deep relaxation, meditation and yoga provide simple, easy ways to cultivate positive healthy inter-personal relationships and tap into deeper reserves of creativity and inspiration.

Not only is inspired creativity and innovation essential in today’s highly-competitive marketplace, inspired actions support harmonious relationships that build a foundation of success at home, at work and out in the day-to-day world. Pause, breathe, be…kind.


Core Principles


The Core Principles are used throughout all of our courses.
Each of our courses have a specific focus around either stress reduction, clarity & focus, or strength of mind & body.

Calm your mind.
Relax your body.
Create a life you love.