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  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce anxiety & depression
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase memory retention
  • Build resilience
  • Improve concentration & attention
  • Increase empathy
calm.  focused.  happy.

RELAX DEEPLY WITH YOGA NIDRA. Known as the ‘sleeping’ meditation, YOGA NIDRA offers a simple, easy and powerful alternative to other forms of traditional ‘sitting’ meditation. With YOGA NIDRA you are taken on a deep, guided meditation while you lie down, completely relaxed and not distracted by the challenges of long meditation ‘sits’. You will emerge feeling RELAXED, REFRESHED and RESTORED. See below to find out more about the power of the practice.

MEDITATION CLASSES. Explore a variety of meditation styles so you find the one that’s right for you. Creating a life you love is built on the foundation of present-moment awareness and knowing what brings you joy. Meditation can show you the way.


Experience an environment of openness and learning, these classes provide you with direct experience of different meditation styles. Develop a practice that resonates with you, and prepares you to explore beyond these classes with confidence and discernment. There is more than one meditation style and it’s just a matter of finding one that’s right for you.

Some of the styles offered are: mindfulness; self-compassion; loving kindness; cultivation of happiness; breathwork; walking meditation; guided imagery; journey through the chakras, and yoga nidra.

All classes are applicable for both first-time and long-time meditators. Beginners will learn how to sit comfortably and other meditation best practices.

SCHOOLS: How Teens Benefit

70% of U.S. teens list anxiety and depression as the top problems among their peers.

Teens today live in a face-paced world, one they need to keep up with and fit into. Studies show that anxiety and depression are key concerns with teens today.

Demands in school, a challenging home environment, or simply being an adolescent can create states of high stress. With the addition of bullying or trauma, the stakes become higher.

Teaching simple meditation techniques helps teens develop positive coping skills. For example, breath awareness can safely move a teen from mind-spin to being in the present moment. Awareness of thoughts and feelings as they arise cultivates their ability and confidence to process challenging emotions and situations in a responsive vs. reactive manner.

Learning how to remain in, or return to, a relaxed state enhances learning and can remedy the stress response that causes students to ‘blank-out’ in high-pressure test situations. These are all skillsets that will serve youth as they enter adulthood and all the demands and stresses that being an adult entails.


CORPORATE: How A Business Benefits

The list is long, but for businesses the benefit of meditation for employees is its effectiveness in reducing stress. This can help reduce anxiety, improve memory and improve interpersonal relationships through cultivation of awareness and Emotional Intelligence. This reduces conflict, leads to better dynamics and collaboration between co-workers and managers, and ultimately enhances strategic thinking and innovation.

YOGA NIDRA: The process

YOGA means union of body, mind, breath & spirit, in other words feeling whole, content, complete. NIDRA means ‘sleep’ in sanskrit.

IN THIS DEEPLY RELAXING GUIDED MEDITATION you will be lying down with your body supported in an ultra-comfortable restorative pose. All you have to do is relax, close your eyes and follow the instructors voice as you are taken on a guided meditation journey, bypassing the busy chatter of the mind.

With the slowing of the mind, your brainwaves shift into a calmer state associated with sleep, but you will be fully awake. It is in this way you begin to retrain your mind to focus on the things that make your life better.

Instead of the mind continually distracted and focused on things out of habit, you will strengthen your power of awareness and making conscious choices. Choices that support your dreams, goals and a life designed with a sense of purpose. Each time you practice YOGA NIDRA you strengthen your nervous system, build emotional resilience and develop your ability to access ‘calm’ on-demand.

At the deepest point in this powerful process you will be invited to plant your own personalized intention — for calm, or healing, abundance, or happiness, whatever you choose — WITHOUT interference of self-doubt, worry, fear or your inner critic.

Resting in deep stillness you are gently guided back into a calm, peaceful, fully-awake state of being. You will emerge feeling RELAXED, REFRESHED, RESTORED.


YOGA NIDRA: helpful tips
  • wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • don’t eat anything heavy 1-2 hours before your session, with a full stomach you are more likely to fall asleep…zzzzzzzz
  • set up in an area of your home where you will not be disturbed
  • phones OFF (unless of course you’re using for this session, in which case make sure your notification sounds are off)
  • have a pillow or something soft to support your head
  • place cushions or a rolled up blanket under your knees to prevent any discomfort in your lower back
  • have a blanket handy, as the body relaxes and the nervous system calms down, most people experience a cooling effect
  • optional: use an eye-pillow or anything soft to cover your eyes (a t-shirt sleeve, a scarf etc.)
  • please have water and tissues nearby in case you need them, once the meditation begins you do not want to have to get up!
  • when possible, stretch for a few minutes before beginning

please note:
For the LIVE online class RELAX DEEPLY class you will be sitting up for the first 20-30 mins before the Yoga Nidra session begins. Once the firsst half of the class is finished you will move directly into your restorative pose. Please have your props set-up and ready to go before the class begins.

In order to get the most from your session we ask that you sign-on a minimum 5 minutes before the class start-time. The class closes promptly at 5:30 pm PST. Thank you!

YOGA NIDRA: Creating an 'intention'

The real power of this guided meditation is the setting of an ‘INTENTION’ and using the YOGA NIDRA process to drop it into the deeply relaxed conscious mind, where it continues to bypass mind chatter and also serves to plant it deeply into the subconscious mind.

Planting the seed of an ‘INTENTION’ is broader and more sublime than having a ‘GOAL’. It’s a deeply transformative process that creates natural change from within, versus struggling with external circumstances and trying to ‘make’ something happen. The process is also beyond creating a ‘positive affirmation’, it is diving to the root of your core beliefs and inner dialogue.

It is in this space beyond your conscious awareness that your INTENTION can take root and grow naturally without being disturbed by over-thinking, self-doubt, and constantly being distracted.

Ultimately, there is much in the external world we cannot control, but we CAN transform how our inner world perceives and experiences the outer world. YOGA NIDRA cultivates deep awareness as you are guided into an internal state of integration, balance, harmony and peace, regardless of what’s showing up in the external world.

Creating your personal intention should be an organic, stress-free process! If you start to feel stressed that you’re not sure about your intention, simply let it go and rest assured whatever you use will be perfect. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.


Let’s say you want a raise at work and you currently make $5,000 a month, but you’d like to make $8,000 a month.
If you create a statement like “I now quickly and easily earn $8,000 a month.”or “I am worthy of making $8,000 a month.” you may not be working with the underlying issue that unconsciously you don’t feel you actually deserve it, or believe it will happen.

An intention that will not create inner conflict would be something more general like “I recognize the ways I am already supported by life.”  This creates the space for more opportunities to come into your field of awareness. Perhaps that $8,000 actually comes from a new opportunity, but, as the saying goes, if we spend our time looking at the door that is closed, we don’t notice the one that is open.

You’ll want to make it an “I” statement and avoid words like “not†or “don’t” etc. Here are a couple of examples to get you started.
Anger: “I am not angry.” becomes “I remain calm and steady.”
Burnout/Overgiving: “As I take care of my own needs, I take care of others.”

Know that when you relax deeply, you are able to receive and respond to your own unique, innate intelligence.  You’ll know it when it’s happening because it will resonate deeply within you and simply will ‘feel’ good, right, inspired, uplifting and powerful. Learn how to focus on the things that make your life better, create a life you love, tap into your own innate power with YOGA NIDRA.

Each one of us is the center of a world that is shaped by the way we perceive and experience events, situation and people.

Ultimately it is the mind that has the power to cultivate positive states of well-being and happiness.

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