& Resilience

Core Principles

Connection & Resilience

Humans thrive with authentic connection and a sense of belonging.

LONELINESS HAS BECOME a growing health epidemic, affecting not only the elderly, but also young people. Social isolation has been linked to health issues such as anxiety, depression, heart disease and cancer.

With almost half the world’s population using social media technology, it has become a way many people meet the basic human need to connect, bond and belong. The downside is it can lead to compulsive use as a coping method, contributing to a greater sense of social isolation.

Technology can’t replace our basic, primal need for real human connection. A genuine smile, a soothing tone of voice, kind eyes, a gentle touch all help us to thrive and to maintain and nurture physical and emotional well-being. Even our resilience is boosted.

Learn simple, easy ways to remember to pause and just be in the moment with yourself, with the people around you, with your environment. Pause, breathe, be…connect.


Core Principles


The Core Principles are used throughout all of our courses.
Each of our courses have a specific focus around either stress reduction, clarity & focus, or strength of mind & body.

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