CALM 101:

Transform stress
into happiness

If you keep on doing things the same way, will you find the state of calm and happiness you’re looking for?

Good stress, bad stress, mindset matters.

FIRST, LET’S ACKNOWLEDGE NOT ALL STRESS IS BAD. It can provide us with focus, energy and motivation to meet daily challenges at work, school and at home. In moderation, it gives us a sense of vibrancy and keeps life exciting and interesting.

The flip-side is it’s not uncommon for the signs of stress to go unnoticed until it makes itself known through feelings of overwhelm, being burned-out or maybe easy to anger. Add insomnia, anxiety, depression and low energy to the mix and you’ve entered the realm of UNMANAGED stress, Chronic stress is a contributing factor in leading causes of death in the U.S. such as heart disease, cancer and lung disease.

MINDSET MATTERS. Every action begins with a thought, an emotion, or an automatic nervous system response. The more aware and present you are, the better you can direct your mind and actions to focus on those things that make your life better.

Stress arises not only from outside demands, but also when your goals and dreams are out of alignment with the life you’re currently living. Happiness is a natural result when you live in alignment with your core values and vision. That requires clarity, focus and a willingness to learn, grow and be open to new ideas and possibilities.


Take small steps to create big changes.
  • GAIN CLARITY about your vision for the future, your goals and what steps to take to create fulfillment and happiness now.
  • DEVELOP THE AWARENESS to notice when you’re stress response is getting triggered and learn methods and techniques to shift to calm.
  • IDENTIFY & REPLACE PATTERNS OF THOUGHT & BEHAVIOR that no longer support you in a positive way with ones that do.
  • LEARN SIMPLE EASY BREATHWORK PRACTICES you can use anytime anywhere to enter a state of calm.
  • EXPERIENCE THE POWERFUL EFFECT OF YOGA NIDRA, a guided meditation practice that helps you bypass the busyness of the mind and drop you into the brainwave states of deep sleep, while you remain awake.
  • LEARN SIMPLE DEEP RELAXATION restorative poses that you can easily do at home.
  • EXPERIENCE THE POWERFUL EFFECTS OF MEDITATION so you progressively reinforce a positive mindset and cultivate your ability to access creativity and the flow state.

IN THIS 8-WEEK COURSE of powerful transformation we’ll spend an hour together each week for a one-on-one session in person, or online with a video conference call. You’ll learn how to navigate the mind, body, breath complex in ways that support your goals and vision and teaches you how to navigate stress and hardwire happiness.

Between each session you’ll put into action what you’ve learned, and receive ongoing support through unlimited text and e-mail access.

Each week builds new awareness and skillsets that result in a strong foundation that can serve you for the rest of your life. You’ll get out of the course what you put into it, but if you’ve read this far, you’re ready for positive change and  to create forward momentum so that 2020 is YOUR year!

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