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Class Descriptions

YOGA NIDRA - 60 mins

YOGA = union of body, breath, mind and spirit NIDRA = sleep

IN THIS DEEPLY RELAXING guided meditation you will be lying down (or sitting if that’s more comfortable for you) fully supporting your body in a comfortable restorative pose. (Using blankets and cushions you have at home to create a nurturing pose that you relax deeply into.)

You will then be taken on a guided meditation journey to bypass the busy chatter of the mind.

With the slowing of the mind, your brainwaves shift into a calmer state associated with sleep, but you will be fully awake.

Through this powerful process you will be invited to plant your own personalized intention — for calm, or healing, abundance, or happiness, whatever you choose! — without interference of self-doubt, worry, fear or your inner critic. Resting in deep stillness you are gently guided back into a calm, peaceful, fully-awake state of being.

You will emerge feeling more relaxed, calm and peaceful!

THE POWER OF YOGA NIDRA - 5-week course

Yoga Nidra provides a deeply restorative relaxation experience by integrating the power and science of harmonizing mind, body and breath.

This class meets online each week for a live, 1-hour session. This series is for students that want to deepen their experience of YOGA NIDRA by learning how the systematic approach works, and experientially deepening awareness and ability to move from stress to relaxation through practice of each component one-by-one.

Learning how to be in the present moment with what is, even when it’s the discomfort of stress, anger, worry etc. is a powerful skill. Having the awareness of how your body is responding to your thoughts, your enviroment, the people around you allows you to make conscious choices to focus on the things that make your life better.

Now pair that with the understanding and methods covered in these classes and you have just entered the realm of defining yourself before someone else does it for you!

By cultivating awareness, clarity and focus you will learn how to consciously relax your body and mind not only during YOGA NIDRA, but in your day-to-day life. With consistent practice you will create new habits and deepen your ability to be in the moment, making conscious choices and taking actions that support you to create a healthy, fulfilling, creative life that you love.

Topics covered:
– the power of thought
– the cycle and impact of emotions
– heart-brain coherence
– integration of the mind/body/breath/spirit ‘system’
– how to create a powerful intention

– mindfulness
– self-compassion / loving kindness
– yoga nidra Sunday night class

Stretch & Relax - 30 mins

THIS CLASS focuses on deepening the breath and stretching the body. This encourages your body and mind to go into a deeper state of relaxation, releasing muscle and mental tension. You’ll release built-up from your busy week, helping to prepare you for a deeper Yoga Nidra experience.

Intro To Meditation - 30 mins

Learn the basics with easy, simple 1-5 minute practices. These classes are designed with the realistic understanding that in order to begin, grow and strengthen a meditation practice it has to fit in your busy and sometimes complicated life. For most people even sitting still for 3 minutes can be a challenge, let alone the often prescribed 15-45 mins! Each week we’ll cover topics such as the nature of the mind, emotions and the power of the breath. There will be a short teaching at the beginning, followed by 2 short meditation practices based on mindfulness and yogic meditations.

The class is interactive so students will be able to ask questions and will come away feeling supported with ideas on how to begin their own home practice, and have an understanding of how to face and overcome the challenges meditation can present.

Our thoughts DIRECTLY influence our breathing patterns, emotions and actions. Creating a sense of calm balance and resilience begins with awareness. Meditation can show you the way,

Meditation - 30 mins

LOVING KINDNESS & COMPASSION meditation will focus on understanding and practicing meditations based on the core teachings of Loving Kindness, Compassion, and Self-compassion. These are powerful methods to create great inner calm, an expanded state of awareness and an ability to remain grounded and happy in the midst of fear and uncertainty.

LIGHT & ENERGY meditations focus on yoga principles of chakras, aka energy centers, and visualization techniques that use the power of the mind to access deeper states of inner awareness. The mind moves from ‘out there’ inward to cultivate the ability to become aware of stress and tension as it arises, better enabling you to make conscious choices for your overall balanced and harmonious well-being.
Using meditation techniques such as Body Of Light meditation gives you direct experience of your innate, powerful ability to manage your mind and enter states of deep calm, beyond external stresses and internal worries.

Stretch & Restore - 60 mins
THIS CLASS STARTS with simple movements to bring the awareness into the body, release tension, and deepen the breath. You’ll be guided into longer holds to allow muscles to relax, stretch, strengthen and tone.

The second half of the class we will practice 2-3 restorative poses that encourage your body and mind to go into a deeper state of relaxation, releasing muscle tension, deepening the breath and letting go of the stresses of the day.

FLOW. Breathe. Be. - 45 mins

THIS CLASS IS AN ESSENTIAL IN THIS TIME OF COVID-19. The class begins with movement to release muscle tension, gradually moving awareness to the breath focusing on it as a tool to access full lung capacity and deepening calm. Deep breathing is essential for activating the ‘relaxation response’, healthy lungs and an overall sense of calm well-being and balance.

You’ll learn 3-part yogic breath aka diaphragmatic breathing, and simple yogic breathwork practices called pranayama to deepen your state of relaxation and present-moment awareness. The last segment of the class you have the choice of moving into seated meditation or taking a restorative pose.

One-on-one sessions - 30 to 90 mins

THESE SESSIONS are custom-designed to focus on what you need to align to your individual goals for mind/body balance and well-being. One-on-ones provide support that increases your chances for success in developing new habits and skills THAT LAST.
Schedule a free 30-minute consultation, to begin your journey in achieving your goals.
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